About Us


International cargo transportation and forwarding

We are specializing in international cargo transportation within the European Union and from/to Eastern Europe, i.e. cargo transportation between the European Union and the CIS countries, cargo transportation between the Baltic States and Europe, cargo transportation within the territory of the EU countries, cargo transportation within the territory of Germany, Italy and Spain, local cargo transportation within the territory of Lithuania. Our long-term experience and qualified staff provide no doubts about our reliability and stability.

Our aim is to ensure high quality service to our clients and our business partners.

We are continuously striving for innovations and improvement, in order to adapt the most favorable conditions and guarantee expeditious, high-quality and qualified services to our clients. In our work we create individual transportation routes for each and every client, thus ensuring the cargo is delivered right on time.

Our values
  • Expertise – we envisage your needs and have the experience and expertise to implement thereof.
  • Speed – we promptly implement your requests.
  • Flexibility – we adapt to your needs!
  • Reliability – in cooperation with us you will always feel safe.
  • Goodwill – we value warm communication and appreciate every person.
Mission – have no worries, we will ensure your business reaches its destination!

For more details on cargo transportation and other services offered, please send an inquiry via our website or contact us at UAB Tavila.
We will provide all the required information and develop the optimum cargo delivery scheme. We will calculate the price and precise delivery dates.