Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportation. Oversized goods.
Oversized (heavy) cargo transportation is a complex process requiring special machinery, equipment, escort, permits, prior agreements and knowledge.
Oversized (heavy) cargo is a cargo the actual dimensions or the weight of which is bigger than the maximum permitted values set in the countries through the territory of which the cargo is transported.
Oversized (heavy) cargo transportation is governed by the rules on oversized and heavy cargo transportation, which may vary depending on the country within the territory of which the cargo is carried.
Arranges permits for oversized and heavy cargo transportation.
Selects the optimal route for transportation having regard to transportation rules, requirements, customer preferences.
Coordinates additional details with various institutions.
Organizes oversized cargo escort in order to prevent any obstacles and make the transportation process as smooth and safe as possible.
If necessary, mediates in organizing escort in foreign countries (thus optimizing the costs and adapting to the specific requirements of each country).
Arranges cargo security escort.
Transportation may be carried out both via one mode of transportation (road, rail, sea transport), or multimodal manner.
Cargo transportation in containers.